The latest Artillery features and product launches.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Artillery CLI v2.0.6


  • Make expect from @playwright/test work natively with Typescript support - Documentation
  • Use target as Playwright’s baseURL by default, allowing test scripts to include only relative paths in page navigations (e.g. page.goto('/docs') ) - Documentation
  • Update Playwright version to 1.41.2 - Documentation

Artillery Cloud

  • Fix missing phase events in Artillery Cloud when running Fargate tests

CLI & Core

  • Improve Typescript support to work with more packages, by exposing config.bundling.external to set packages that can’t be bundled as external - Documentation
  • Make test run id available to test runs via {{ $testId }} in scenarios/config and vuContext.vars.$testId in custom code
  • Routine dependency updates

Publish Metrics

  • Automatically send all traces and metrics sent via the opentelemetry reporter with a test_id attribute, making it easier to search for all relevant data from a particular test run


  • Improve error message and handling for putting CloudWatch retention policy
Thursday, February 15, 2024

Team members view redesign

You can now invite new team members and manage existing membership from one screen.

See usage stats and limits

Usage stats and limits

You can see how much of your plan’s quota your organization is using in the new usage stats section in the Billing page. There’s also a new FAQ section to help with any questions you might have around usage limits.

Filter by Date improvements

Filter by date gets a new navigation, with improvements for selecting dates across multiple months. There’s a new Last 7 days shortcut too.

Organization dropdown updates

Organization dropdown

There’s a new quick access area with links to Billing, Team Members, and API Keys in the organization dropdown. You can now see your current billing plan too.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Load phases on Page performance widget

  • Add support for displaying INP web vital — available when using Artillery ^2.0.5
  • Improve web vital metric comparison between different URLs
  • Show load phases on Page performance charts

Load Test reports improvements

  • Move navigation to the right side of the page to match Overview page layout
  • Fix charts not aligning on top of the page when navigating to report
  • Charts now have the same width as the Load test Overview page

Charts improvements

  • Fix label overlapping columns on HTTP response distribution chart
  • Fix load phase labels clipping on chart edges
  • Improve Y Axis label formatting for all charts

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improve Dialogs and Modals design and add keyboard shortcut to close them
  • Improve settings navigation on small screens
  • Improve loading speed of the Load Test page
  • Improve code snippets formatting on test notes
  • Improve Load Tests Notes indication: much more visible and easier to spot what tests have notes
  • Fix “Add note” having a line-break on some screen sizes
  • Fix missing data labels on HTTP performance chart
Monday, February 5, 2024

Artillery CLI v2.0.5

Artillery will now aim to release a new CLI version every first and third Monday of each month, when possible.

Artillery Cloud

  • Fix bug causing only one of the links to worker logs to be displayed in Artillery Dashboard


  • Update Playwright version used by Artillery to v1.41.0 - Documentation
  • Add support for configuring Playwright’s testIdAttribute setting - Documentation
  • Add INP to core web vital metrics reported by Artillery - Documentation
  • Enable headless mode by default when running in Fargate, as headed mode is not compatible with Fargate


  • Improve Fargate startup logic to prevent bug where workers would hang
  • Fix bug where Fargate tests running on Windows would crash trying to resolve paths to dependencies in folders
  • Set default bucket lifecycle policy for S3 bucket containing artifacts from test runs - Documentation
  • Set default retention policy (180 days) on Cloudwatch Logs generated during runs, with override possible - Documentation
  • Add support for running using Fargate Spot by using the --spot flag - Documentation


  • Fix Lambda bundle size issue preventing all Lambda tests from running
  • Add default bucket lifecycle policy (2-7 days retention) for S3 bucket containing artifacts from test runs - Documentation

CLI & Core

  • Fix $randomString(length) utility to return correct number of characters and allow length larger than 10

Publish Metrics

  • Fix bug in Fargate tests where traces sent with OpenTelemetry reporter would not arrive or arrive inconsistently formatted to observability platforms
  • Add tracing support for the Datadog, New Relic and Dynatrace reporters using OpenTelemetry
  • Improve traces sent via Honeycomb reporter to be proper traces with full metadata, exceptions, events, etc