The latest Artillery features and product launches.

Monday, 28 August 2023

New Activity widget

This update is focused on improving visibility of test phases for tests in progress.

New Activity widget

  • Improve current test phases visibility for tests in progress
  • Outline important test information in a easy to read widget

Improve Test Logs

  • Move Worker Logs next to Text log to improve logs discoverability
  • Improve Text log loading state by showing CLI loader
  • Add auto scroll to Text log
  • Improve readability and contrast on Text log widget
  • Update Text log to always show scrollbar if content is scrollable

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • Improve design of error screens
  • Group vusers metrics under one chart on Test Reports
  • Add tooltip to display properties button
  • Improve layout of Header and Load Test view on for screen sizes medium and smaller
  • Animate Metadata duration to match real-time data elsewhere
  • Fix Metadata duration showing 0 for tests in progress
  • Fix issue where Text log would show “N/A” on page load
  • Fix a bug with tags not showing for some organizations
  • Fix page zoom when adding notes to tests on mobile devices
  • Fix test list view alignment if user info is not available
Monday, 21 August 2023

Dashboard improvements

This update is focused on many small improvements to improve overall information density and make it easier to understand load testing activity at a glance, as well as to make it easier to analyze individual load test runs.

New features

Test list view

  • The results of checks can now be inspected inline. The count of notes added to a test will is now also shown inline. Load test checks showing inline
  • Elapsed time is now updated live for in-progress tests Elapsed time updating live
  • Display relative dates in the list view, and show the full timestamp on hover Relative timestamp display
  • Tests that run on AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate will now be shown with the appropriate icon for those services AWS Lambda and Fargate tests

Load test view

  • All timeseries charts will now overlay the name of the load phase and show absolute timestamps for X axis labels Overlaid load phase information
  • Add metric toggles to for hiding/showing specific aggregations on HTTP Latency Distribution widget HTTP latency toggles
  • Make metadata view more compact and easier to scan Metadata
  • Improve empty states on Checks, Metrics Explorer and Errors widgets Empty state on Checks widget
  • JSON reports can now be downloaded from the context menu Downloading JSON report

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • The list of tags will now show more tags by default to increase information density
  • The name tag is no longer shown in the list of tags (the name tag sets the name of the test shown in the list)
  • Match styling of tags in filter dropdown to styling used elsewhere in the UI
  • Fix a bug with date filter not always resetting the selected range as expected
  • Fix a bug in date filter where the displayed range could be off by one day
  • Fix a bug in date filter where future dates would be shown in date filter
  • Fix content overflow on Errors widget when there's a lot of error data
  • Fix a bug where filtering by tags would not work correctly
  • Fix a bug where filtering by status would not work correctly for tests that included failed checks
Friday, 18 August 2023

Artillery CLI v2.0.0-36

New features

  • Dynatrace support - the official publish-metrics plugin can now be configured to send Artillery metrics and events to Dynatrace. Read more in the docs
  • config.http.defaults - default headers and cookies for all requests in a test may now be set via config.http.defaults

Fixes & improvements

Artillery Dashboard

  • Send load phase start/end timings for visualization
  • Send CLI exit code to display in test run results
  • Fix test run status not always getting reported correctly
  • Fix bug which caused test runs on AWS Lambda to not be tagged correctly


  • Allow variables set with --variables to be used anywhere in config
  • Fix for encoding of array values in query strings
  • Make sure CLI exit handlers are always run
  • Fix bug affecting match groups in regexp captures


  • publish-metrics - Exit early if required config is missing for publish-metrics
  • publish-metrics - Reduce memory usage of the plugin
  • expect - add useRequestNamesOnly option
  • ensure - fix bug where ensure config under config.plugins.ensure would not get picked up
Monday, 3 July 2023
Artillery Cloud Dashboard

We've reorganized the layout of individual test reports to make notes more prominent, improved readability of the metadata section, and created more room for useful visualizations in the main area.

Test view sidebar


Notes provide a way to annotate test runs with useful information such as links to external logs and dashboards, and for recording results of investigations into performance issues found by load tests.

We've now pulled them out from a separate view to make them more accessible.

Other fixes & improvements:

  • Remove shadow overlap on first note
  • Tweak microcopy to make actions clearer

Metadata display

  • Test timing information has been moved into the sidebar to give more space for data widgets in the main area
  • Make Metadata section collapsible
  • Improve spacing on list of CloudWatch Log Streams for Fargate tests
  • Move "Add note" to the top so notes are added right below it, better UX
  • Tweak styling of rendered Markdown for better readability
  • Improve handling on small screens
  • Improve alignment and padding of metadata items

Load test visualizations & insights

  • Fix issue that could cause all charts to rerender when not necessary and lead to charts jumping around
  • Improve responsiveness of Page Performance widget
  • Improve spacing on Error summary view
  • Add empty state to Counters summary
  • Test IDs can be copied by clicking them

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fix bug that could cause new tests to show up as "Untitled Test" for a short period of time
  • Fix bug that prevented deep links to charts from working
  • Error dialogs and error handling. Error responses in both the UI and API will now include unique error IDs that are tied to error logs
  • Fix bug that would cause some pages to show loading skeleton indefinitely for logged out users
  • Fix alignment of loading indicators on buttons across the app
  • Improve contrast for all popovers and dropdown menus across the app
  • Make styling of all external links consistent through the app
  • Remove banding on the gradient in the header