The latest Artillery features and product launches.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Chart improvements

Load summary widget

In order to enhance readability and efficiency, we have made the following updates to charts:

  • Add timestamp to chart tooltips
  • Improve color contrast for easier data comparison
  • Ensure consistent chart colors for each metric across different charts
  • Provide metric units on both chart axis and tooltips for better chart understanding
  • For charts with multiple axis, the axis takes the color of the metric it represents
  • Match the color of the chart series with metrics values on chart tooltips
  • Group Apdex metrics into one chart on Reports tab
  • Improve spacing around Page performance charts
  • Fix a bug with the Page performance widget that affected the formatting of the x-axis

Improve load phase visualization

We have also improved the design of load phases on all charts. Changes include:

  • Unnamed pause phases are now labeled as pause instead of phase #n
  • Differentiate the background of pause phases from regular load phases
  • Properly display gaps in data (e.g. pause phases)
  • Resolve an issue where load phase names made it difficult to click the reset zoom button

HTTP performance widget

We have introduced a new HTTP performance widget that displays information for all HTTP requests. This widget offers the following enhancements:

  • Display percentages and totals of HTTP requests by status code
  • Improve the design of HTTP response time distribution chart
  • Show the breakdown of response time distribution over time for individual URLs
  • Fix an issue with missing zero values on HTTP response time distribution chart
Friday, October 20, 2023

Load phases information

Display load phase information on all time series charts when you hover over the load phase name.

Improvements to HTTP Requests and Errors widgets

  • Now any errors encountered during the test run will show up in the Errors widget — previously errors would only show at the end of the test run
  • HTTP requests and Errors show the percentage against the total number of requests
Widgets improvements

Page performance chart previews

Show sparkline chart preview of Page performance scores per URL over time. This is useful to help you identify any spikes without needing to expand the chart.

Page performance

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improve color contrast across the dashboard
  • Fix Group by Status test ordering on Load Tests view
Friday, October 20, 2023

Artillery CLI v2.0.0-38

New features & improvements


  • playwright: Update Playwright version to latest (1.39.0).
  • playwright: Add a convenience test.step() helper, allowing you to break your tests into steps that emit custom timing metrics - Docs.


  • New CLI flag --scenario-name, allowing you to specify which scenario to run by its name in the test script - Docs.
  • Expose mean as a metric.
  • Include scenario object in all engine hooks - you can now access this under context.scenario - Docs.


publish-metrics - OpenTelemetry

  • Traces for HTTP requests are now nested under individual scenarios.
  • Include all request metrics in traces: dns_lookup, tcp_handshake, tls_negotiation, request, first_byte, download.
  • Include VU errors in traces.
Artillery test trace in Honeycomb using Opentelemetry reporter


Artillery Dashboard

  • Ensure all Artillery console logs are sent correctly to Artillery Cloud.
  • Fix issue with phase information not being sent correctly.


  • socketio: Allow nested options (e.g. namespace) in emit without throwing validation error - Docs.
  • socketio: Allow emit action to be an array of strings - Docs.


  • fargate: Fix issue with --packages flag.
  • fargate: Include apdex plugin and playwright engine by default in image, preventing additional installation in workers.
  • Allow unnamed capture groups to be used in capture.
  • Display meaningful error when engine doesn't match the engine provided in config.engine.


  • apdex - Allow frustrated, satisfied and tolerated metrics to be checked with ensure plugin.
  • apdex - Prevent plugin from crashing when using processor functions.
  • publish-metrics - Set headers as metadata for otel-grpc exporter in OpenTelemetry reporter - Docs.
  • publish-metrics - Create endpoint path correctly so it works with managed instances of Dynatrace.
  • publish-metrics: Fix OpenTelemetry reporter debug logging.
Monday, October 16, 2023

Load Test view improvements

Custom favicons

We have added custom favicons that show the current test status right in your browser tab. Helps you keep tabs on your running tests and for those with multiple tabs opened.

Custom favicons

In-progress test view improvements

Improve loading states for HTTP requests and HTTP response distribution widgets.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fix button not changing to loading state when adding notes
  • Fix label alignment of x axis for time series charts
  • Fix HTTP codes widget returning 0 if no data available
  • Fix alignment of Page Performance table for tests with missing metrics
  • Add zoom functionality to Page Performance charts
  • Color HTTP codes on HTTP Requests widget to improve code recognition
  • Improve typography for all charts
  • Improve quickstart guide copy