Artillery CLI v2.0.1

CLI & Core

  • Add time unit support for think steps in scenarios
  • metrics-by-endpoint plugin is now enabled by default to capture per-URL metrics in HTTP tests. The metrics will be available only in the JSON report and not output to the console, unless the plugin is loaded explicitly by the user.
  • Configure CPU and memory for Fargate tests with --cpu and --memory flags
  • Fix issue with $env not resolving correctly in the config section
  • Fix an issue with --scenario-name not picking up the correct scenario
  • Add a new fake-data plugin to allow for realistic test data to be generated in your tests - docs
  • Fix handling of metrics with non-alphanumeric characters in ensure checks
  • Improve error handling in the expect plugin


  • Add experimental tracing support for Playwright tests, with tracing of test.step() calls, page navigation events, and Core Web Vitals metrics
  • Improve conformance to OTel semantic conventions:
    • Include error messages for spans with HTTP response codes of 400 or higher
  • Fix issue with virtual user ID attribute (vu.uuid) not always being set correctly
  • Fix inconsistencies in error handling


  • Add experimental tracing support via OpenTelemetry with publish-metrics plugin
  • Fix FID Core Web Vital metric not being emitted as expected


  • Configure CPU and memory for Fargate tests with --cpu and --memory flags


  • Allow validation of any number of arguments in response/acknowledge with new args/on options
  • More flexible validations with ability to wait for multiple responses
  • Fix issue with displaying match errors in the report