Aurora Serverless support and bug fixes to our dashboard

Aurora serverless support

Aurora Serverless v1 Support

An Aurora Serverless database cluster may now be used as the backing store for Artillery Pro.

This requires Data API to be enabled on the cluster. Only Aurora Serverless v1 is supported right now.


Improved menus

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improve loading states on the Settings screen
  • Fix bug with context menu getting cut off
  • Fix double-trigger on context menu buttons

Artillery Pro

Artillery Pro v3.0.0-10 has been released (full changelog)


  • Add support for loading enviroment variables into workers from a .env file with --dotenv flag
  • Include extra information in JSON reports: test metadata, test run ID, and ensure check results
  • Include launch platform and subnet information in environment summary output
  • Test runs are automatically tagged with test_run_id tag, which is set to the test run ID
  • Print test run ID at the end of the test run

Fixes & Improvements

  • Exclude raw histogram data from JSON reports to reduce file size
  • Fix an issue which could prevent ensure checks from running
  • Fix an issue where only one --secret flag would be taken into account
  • Show auto-guessed subnet IDs when subnets aren’t set explicitly with --subnet-ids in run-test