A whole lot of polish for the dashboard and a new version of Artillery Pro CLI

dashboard polish and new CLI version

Dashboard v0.5.0

(Artillery Pro Dashboard is in early beta with a small number of Artillery Pro customers. If you'd like to join the beta, please let us know via

Last week we made a few changes focused on improving querying & filtering, providing more context around test run data, and adding a bit of extra polish.

More powerful filtering

You can now search & filter by:

  • tags
  • date range
  • status
  • or a combination of the above

We also improved the tag filtering input and made tag filter query easier to read.

New filter display in action

Customize main load test view

You can now customize the columns shown in the main load test view to be able to find what you’re looking for faster.

Column toggling in action

More test metadata

We’ve exposed more metadata for test runs in the sidebar. You can now see more information for each test run now, such as:

  • Full artillery command used to trigger the test run
  • CPU and memory configuration for the workers
  • Version information for Artillery CLI used to trigger the test
  • Names of secrets used by the test run

Sidebar in action

Progress indicators

Sometimes filtering and searching can take a bit of time, especially for more complex queries. We’ve added loading indicators in a few places to make it clear that the UI is busy doing the thing you asked it to do.

Progress indicators in action


  • Fixed bug which would cause the view to scroll to the top when viewing Notes
  • Fixed “Finished at” time being shown incorrectly for tests which are in progress

Artillery Pro v3.0.0-6

  • Add delete-test-run command
  • describe-test-run returns extra metadata about a test run:
    • cliArgs - full CLI args that a test was run with
    • secrets - names of secrets passed to the test run
    • platformConfig - platform-specific configuration, e.g. CPU and memory config on Fargate/ECS