Artillery CLI v2.0.4


  • Enable support for 12 more AWS regions (eu-west-2, eu-west-3, us-east-2, us-west-2, ca-central-1, ap-east-1, ap-northeast-2, ap-southeast-1, ap-southeast-2, ap-northeast-1, me-south-1, sa-east-1 )
  • Add support for sending Playwright and HTTP traces to Datadog APM - Documentation
  • Add support for --variables flag in run-fargate command - Documentation
  • Show supported regions when using the --region flag

CLI & Core

  • Add TypeScript support for custom code for tests running locally or on AWS Fargate. This is an experimental feature. - Documentation


  • VUs will now run in isolated browsers contexts rather than new browser instances by default for better performance - Documentation
  • HTTP status codes are now tracked and reported through the<code> metric - Documentation
  • Fix bug in before/ after hooks that prevented the Playwright engine from working - Documentation
  • Add experimental TypeScript support. See the docs for current limitations - Documentation


  • Fix issue with virtual users not failing when using test.step() with OpenTelemetry Playwright tracing enabled
  • OpenTelemetry tracing can now be used to send HTTP and Playwright engine traces to Datadog in Fargate tests - Documentation
  • Add support for smart sampling when using HTTP tracing with the OpenTelemetry reporter