metrics-by-endpoint - Report metrics by URL


By default, Artilery calculates and prints response time metrics (p50, p95, p99, min and max) measured across all endpoints (or URLs). artillery-plugin-metrics-by-endpoint can be used to print response time metrics per URL.

This plugin is only compatible with the http engine.


Enable the plugin

    metrics-by-endpoint: {}

Plugin Configuration

NameValid OptionsDescription
  • false (default)
  • true
If true, will use only the name field of a request as the metric name. If false, the name will be prepended to the standard metric name if it exists. It's recommended you use this to group requests with dynamic URLs.

Added in: v2.0.0-34

  • false (default)
  • true
If true, query-strings will be stripped from the metric name.

Added in: v2.0.0-34

  • false (default)
  • true
If true, any requests without a name field will not have metrics reported.

Added in: v2.0.0-32

any string (defaults to plugins.metrics-by-endpoint)Custom prefix to use for metrics published by this plugin.

useOnlyRequestNames example

Set useOnlyRequestNames to report metrics based on the name of the request, rather than the URL.

This can be useful when your test sends requests to the same endpoint with different query string parameters.

If the name property is not set on a request, the plugin will use the URL.

In the following example, metrics for the first 3 requests to / which share the same name (but use different query strings) will be reported together.

    - duration: 60
      arrivalRate: 1
      # Group metrics by request name rather than URL:
      useOnlyRequestNames: true
  - flow:
      - get:
          url: "/docs/?one"
          name: GET /docs
      - get:
          url: "/docs/?two"
          name: GET /docs
      - get:
          url: "/docs/?three"
          name: GET /docs

Metrics reported by the plugin

In addition to the default metrics reported by Artillery and your chosen engine(s), this plugin reports the following additional metrics:



Number of specific status_code in responses for each specific request (req_name).


Response time (measured as time to first byte) aggregation for requests during this period, for each specific request (req_name).


If the server has the server-timing response header, Artillery will report this additional measurement for each specific request (req_name).

The default prefix for metrics reported by this plugin is plugins.metrics-by-endpoint. You can change this by setting the metricsNamespace option.

The default req_name is the URL of the request. You can configure this through the configuration options listed above.