publish-metrics - Monitoring & Observability Integrations

The artillery-publish-metrics plugin enables you to send metrics, events, and/or traces from Artillery to a variety of external monitoring and observability systems. This includes native support for popular platforms as well as a versatile OpenTelemetry reporter, which allows data to be sent to any monitoring and observability system that supports OpenTelemetry/OTLP ingestion.

Supported Targets

Native Integrations

OpenTelemetry Support

OpenTelemetry support enables you to send metrics and/or traces to any monitoring and observability platform that supports OTLP (opens in a new tab) by using OTLP exporters (HTTP/JSON, HTTP/protobuf, gRPC) and sending traces to Zipkin (opens in a new tab) by using the Zipkin exporter.

Published Metrics

All metrics generated by Artillery during a test run are sent to the selected monitoring system by default, encompassing both built-in and custom metrics. CloudWatch, Datadog, New Relic, Splunk and OpenTelemetry integrations allow you to customize the list of metrics that will be sent through includeOnly and excluded options.

Published Traces and Events

Direct integrations like Honeycomb and Lightstep, as well as the OpenTelemetry reporter, capture traces and events for all HTTP requests.

Published Events

Direct integrations for Datadog, New Relic, Splunk, Dynatrace and InfluxDB/Telegraf allow you to configure sending events that are sent at the start and end of the test.


We recommend you use a tagging convention to help you identify and filter data in your monitoring and observability system. Tags can be set in the configuration of each reporter.