Artillery CLI v2.0.0-36

New features

  • Dynatrace support - the official publish-metrics plugin can now be configured to send Artillery metrics and events to Dynatrace. Read more in the docs
  • config.http.defaults - default headers and cookies for all requests in a test may now be set via config.http.defaults

Fixes & improvements

Artillery Dashboard

  • Send load phase start/end timings for visualization
  • Send CLI exit code to display in test run results
  • Fix test run status not always getting reported correctly
  • Fix bug which caused test runs on AWS Lambda to not be tagged correctly


  • Allow variables set with --variables to be used anywhere in config
  • Fix for encoding of array values in query strings
  • Make sure CLI exit handlers are always run
  • Fix bug affecting match groups in regexp captures


  • publish-metrics - Exit early if required config is missing for publish-metrics
  • publish-metrics - Reduce memory usage of the plugin
  • expect - add useRequestNamesOnly option
  • ensure - fix bug where ensure config under config.plugins.ensure would not get picked up