Apdex scores

Apdex scores

The load test summary view will now calculate and display Apdex scores for load tests that make use the built-in apdex plugin.

Apdex (Application Performance Index) is an open standard for measuring performance of HTTP services. The Apdex score converts response times into a single score that reflects user satisfaction with the service.

Fixes & Improvements


  • Update colors to improve legibility and consistency
  • Add exit animations for all dropdown-like elements
  • Improve loading states on all buttons
  • Improve consistency of dialogs everywhere
  • Improve consistency of spacing between elements across the app

Main view

  • Tweak the display of Artillery’s logo in the navbar
  • Fix responsiveness on Load Tests view
  • Improve UX for Saved Views and the Filter Bar with long input strings
  • Match test run ID icon in filter dropdown to one used elsewhere

Load test view

  • Make font sizes consistent in metadata panel
  • Improve styling of text log view, JSON log view, and table components
  • Fix issue with loading default CLI avatar images on notes
  • Fix issue with scroll gradient covering first note in the notes list
  • Improve spacing on Edit Note dialog


  • Add intelligent X axis scaling depending on duration of the test
  • Improve Y axis layout on Load Summary chart