Artillery CLI v2.0.5

Artillery will now aim to release a new CLI version every first and third Monday of each month, when possible.

Artillery Cloud

  • Fix bug causing only one of the links to worker logs to be displayed in Artillery Dashboard


  • Update Playwright version used by Artillery to v1.41.0 - Documentation
  • Add support for configuring Playwright’s testIdAttribute setting - Documentation
  • Add INP to core web vital metrics reported by Artillery - Documentation
  • Enable headless mode by default when running in Fargate, as headed mode is not compatible with Fargate


  • Improve Fargate startup logic to prevent bug where workers would hang
  • Fix bug where Fargate tests running on Windows would crash trying to resolve paths to dependencies in folders
  • Set default bucket lifecycle policy for S3 bucket containing artifacts from test runs - Documentation
  • Set default retention policy (180 days) on Cloudwatch Logs generated during runs, with override possible - Documentation
  • Add support for running using Fargate Spot by using the --spot flag - Documentation


  • Fix Lambda bundle size issue preventing all Lambda tests from running
  • Add default bucket lifecycle policy (2-7 days retention) for S3 bucket containing artifacts from test runs - Documentation

CLI & Core

  • Fix $randomString(length) utility to return correct number of characters and allow length larger than 10

Publish Metrics

  • Fix bug in Fargate tests where traces sent with OpenTelemetry reporter would not arrive or arrive inconsistently formatted to observability platforms
  • Add tracing support for the Datadog, New Relic and Dynatrace reporters using OpenTelemetry
  • Improve traces sent via Honeycomb reporter to be proper traces with full metadata, exceptions, events, etc