The latest Artillery features and product launches.

Friday, 9 June 2023
Apdex Scores

Apdex scores

The load test summary view will now calculate and display Apdex scores for load tests that make use the built-in apdex plugin.

Apdex (Application Performance Index) is an open standard for measuring performance of HTTP services. The Apdex score converts response times into a single score that reflects user satisfaction with the service.

Fixes & Improvements


  • Update colors to improve legibility and consistency
  • Add exit animations for all dropdown-like elements
  • Improve loading states on all buttons
  • Improve consistency of dialogs everywhere
  • Improve consistency of spacing between elements across the app

Main view

  • Tweak the display of Artillery’s logo in the navbar
  • Fix responsiveness on Load Tests view
  • Improve UX for Saved Views and the Filter Bar with long input strings
  • Match test run ID icon in filter dropdown to one used elsewhere

Load test view

  • Make font sizes consistent in metadata panel
  • Improve styling of text log view, JSON log view, and table components
  • Fix issue with loading default CLI avatar images on notes
  • Fix issue with scroll gradient covering first note in the notes list
  • Improve spacing on Edit Note dialog


  • Add intelligent X axis scaling depending on duration of the test
  • Improve Y axis layout on Load Summary chart
Wednesday, 7 June 2023
Artillery CLI v2.0.0-33 is out

AWS Fargate support

This release adds support for running tests on AWS Fargate. Scale out your load tests horizontally from any of the six supported regions.

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artillery run-fargate --count 10 --region us-east-1 my-script.yml

Supported regions:

  • us-east-1
  • us-west-1
  • eu-west-1
  • eu-central-1
  • ap-south-1
  • ap-northeast-1

AWS Fargate is a serverless solution that requires no infrastructure to be managed, and unlike AWS Lambda does not impose a restriction on the duration of your load tests.

Artillery's Playwright integration is fully supported on Fargate, to let you run browser-based load tests at scale with ease.

Playwright support

Playwright support is now built into Artillery. The integration in artillery-engine-playwright is now bundled into the Artillery CLI.

  • The version of Playwright used by the integration has been updated to v1.3.4
  • Web Vitals tracking has been improved to provide more accurate measurements
  • Playwright scenario file may now be loaded via testFunction attribute rather than flowFunction
  • flow attribute may now be omitted in Playwright engine scenarios

Other fixes & improvements

  • Pass lambdaRoleArn to AWS Lambda engine correctly
  • Fix issue with returning matched groups from regexp capture
  • Track & report downloaded data in HTTP tests via http.downloaded_bytes metric
  • Environment variables may now be accessed through the special $env variable (the current way of accessing those via $processEnvironment is still supported but will be deprecated in future)
  • Dependency updates to address deprecation and security notices
Thursday, 9 February 2023

Artillery CLI v2.0.0-30 is out

Artillery CLI v2.0.0-30

New features

  • AWS Lambda - when running tests on AWS Lambda, Artillery will automatically bundle any plugins loaded via config.plugins and engines loaded via config.engines
  • Checks & assertions: new notStatusCode check in the expect plugin
  • Datadog integration: includeOnly and excluded options may be used to configure the list of Artillery metrics which will be sent to Datadog

Fixes & improvements

  • When artillery run is used with the --output option, Artillery will check if destination exists before running the test
  • Miscellaneous dependency updates to address deprecation warnings and security advisories
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Artillery CLI v2.0.0-28 is out

Artillery CLI v2.0.0-28

We have released Artillery v2.0.0-28, which adds support for AWS CloudWatch, and features a number of performance and stability improvements.

(GitHub release page:

Breaking changes

  • AWS Lambda: the default IAM role and policy are now versioned. If you attached any custom permissions to the artilleryio-default-lambda-role role, you will need to re-attach it to the new artilleryio-default-lambda-role-20230116 role
  • CLI: The probe command has been removed from the CLI. The functionality has been moved to the new Skytrace CLI

New features

  • Add support for publishing test metrics to AWS CloudWatch
  • HTTP - compressed responses (e.g. gzip) will be decompressed by default now. (Set gzip: false to disable automatic decompression if required to improve performance.)
  • CLI - suggest closest match if a command name is mistyped

AWS Lambda

  • Print custom role ARN if provided
  • Add versioning to default Lambda role and policy created for running tests

Fixes & improvements

  • Fix arrival phases with arrivalRate and rampTo set to 0
  • Improve rampTo logic to result in more predictable and deterministic ramps
  • Fix issue with maxVusers setting that would lead to unexpected number of VUs to be generated
  • Fix wildcard message handling support in
  • Fix issue with setting some properties on the global artillery object

AWS Lambda

  • Improve test startup logic: workers will wait for each other to be ready before kicking off the test run
  • Fix some intermediate metrics not being flushed & reported
  • Fix handling of memory-size and security-group-ids options
Friday, 1 July 2022

New HTML reports, and more

Artillery Changelog, July 1, 2022

Artillery CLI

New HTML reports

We have improved the layout and styling of reports generated with artillery report.

Updated HTML Reports

--dotenv flag

You can now load environment variables from a file with the --dotenv flag. Those env vars are available in Artillery scenarios through the $processEnvironment variable.


Visual polish

  • Improved homepage responsiveness
  • Updated load test table with new context tags and new flexible tags
  • Updated context menus
  • Updated header styling in load test view.
  • New and improved selected tags filter bar
  • Show loading skeletons while data is being fetched

CDK installer

We released an official AWS CDK-based installer for Artillery dashboard.

Flexible deployment modes

The dashboard can now be deployed in more than one way to fit the exact requirements of your organization:

  • As an internal-facing, inside a VPC. This is the default deployment mode, and it will require an existing VPN setup to access the app. TLS is optional with this setup.
  • As a publig public-facing, which requires TLS with a pre-provisioned ACM certificate.
  • Custom domain may be configured on top of the provisioned ALB DNS name.

GitHub Authentication

We added support for authentication through GitHub.

Thursday, 2 June 2022

Aurora Serverless support and bug fixes to our dashboard

Artillery Changelog, June 02, 2022

Aurora Serverless v1 Support

An Aurora Serverless database cluster may now be used as the backing store for Artillery Pro.

This requires Data API to be enabled on the cluster. Only Aurora Serverless v1 is supported right now.


Improved menus

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improve loading states on the Settings screen
  • Fix bug with context menu getting cut off
  • Fix double-trigger on context menu buttons

Artillery Pro

Artillery Pro v3.0.0-10 has been released (full changelog)


  • Add support for loading enviroment variables into workers from a .env file with --dotenv flag
  • Include extra information in JSON reports: test metadata, test run ID, and ensure check results
  • Include launch platform and subnet information in environment summary output
  • Test runs are automatically tagged with test_run_id tag, which is set to the test run ID
  • Print test run ID at the end of the test run

Fixes & Improvements

  • Exclude raw histogram data from JSON reports to reduce file size
  • Fix an issue which could prevent ensure checks from running
  • Fix an issue where only one --secret flag would be taken into account
  • Show auto-guessed subnet IDs when subnets aren't set explicitly with --subnet-ids in run-test
Friday, 6 May 2022

Artillery Probe 🛰 has taken flight

Artillery Changelog, May 6, 2022

Artillery Probe

We have launched the first version of Artillery Probe, a smart and user-friendly HTTP client built into Artillery

Artillery Probe screenshot

  • Send HTTP requests from the command line
  • Send JSON, arbitrary request bodies, set custom headers, querystrings, forms, and more
  • See request performance waterfalls
  • Syntax highlighting for responses
  • Query JSON responses with JMESPath
  • Set expectations and checks on the command-line for quick acceptance testing and smoke testing

More details on our blog:

Artillery Probe is available in the most recent release of Artillery:

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npm install -g artillery@latest

Artillery CLI

  • Improve validation of test scripts
  • Add wait action to WebSocket scenarios
  • Fix an issue with aggregating summary metrics under certain conditions

Detailed changelog for the CLI is available on


Revamped statuses

  • Improve test status indicators
  • Fix issue with tooltip positioning on metric charts
  • Fix keyboard navigation in tag search dropdown

Website and Docs

  • Typography & readability improvements
Friday, 15 April 2022

Docs, dashboard, CLI and more

Artillery Changelog, April 15, 2022


Searching Artillery docs

  • Documentation search is now available
  • A whole lot of polish to improve readability: layout, typography, colors, layout & spacing
  • Need to get to the docs quickly? Try


Polish & fixes:

  • Add horizontal scrolling to the main load test view when the number of column exceeds display size
  • Load test view: clicking on tag in the sidebar will filter for that tag
  • Order of charts in the sidebar matches that on the page
  • Fix Y-axis overflow in load test list view
  • Fix bug with allowing duplicate tag selection
  • Fix "Copy JSON" button on load test report view
  • Fix for an exception shown when some metrics from a test run are missing
  • Fix spacing between tags in load test view
  • Fix filter icon colors
  • Fix styling of "clear" button in tag filter component

Artillery CLI

  • Fixed issue with saving large test run results produced by long-running (8+ hours) load tests
  • Fixed issue with aggregating summary metrics at the end of a test run under certain conditions
  • Add --max-duration flag to run-test command to set a limit on running time of a test
  • Handle Fargate throttling when launching multiple large load tests in parallel

Artillery Operator

New kubectl plugin! Use `kubectl artillery scaffold' to scaffold tests for existing Kube services. Available from GitHub releases on

Monday, 21 March 2022

Delete test results you don't need

Artillery Changelog, Mar 21, 2022


Delete load test results

Sometimes you don't need to keep a test result around - maybe the run did not complete and you don't need the report, or perhaps you ran the test in the wrong environment and the results are meaningless. Whatever the reason, you can now delete test results you don't need.

Deleting a load test run in action

In case you missed it in the previous changelog, this can be done from the CLI too with the - Add delete-test-run command.

Artillery CLI

Artillery v2.0.0-13 has been released:

Thursday, 3 March 2022

A whole lot of polish for the dashboard and a new version of Artillery Pro CLI

Artillery Changelog, Mar 3, 2022

Dashboard v0.5.0

(Artillery Pro Dashboard is in early beta with a small number of Artillery Pro customers. If you'd like to join the beta, please let us know via

Last week we made a few changes focused on improving querying & filtering, providing more context around test run data, and adding a bit of extra polish.

More powerful filtering

You can now search & filter by:

  • tags
  • date range
  • status
  • or a combination of the above

We also improved the tag filtering input and made tag filter query easier to read.

New filter display in action

Customize main load test view

You can now customize the columns shown in the main load test view to be able to find what you're looking for faster.

Column toggling in action

More test metadata

We've exposed more metadata for test runs in the sidebar. You can now see more information for each test run now, such as:

  • Full artillery command used to trigger the test run
  • CPU and memory configuration for the workers
  • Version information for Artillery CLI used to trigger the test
  • Names of secrets used by the test run

Sidebar in action

Progress indicators

Sometimes filtering and searching can take a bit of time, especially for more complex queries. We've added loading indicators in a few places to make it clear that the UI is busy doing the thing you asked it to do.

Progress indicators in action


  • Fixed bug which would cause the view to scroll to the top when viewing Notes
  • Fixed "Finished at" time being shown incorrectly for tests which are in progress

Artillery Pro v3.0.0-6

  • Add delete-test-run command
  • describe-test-run returns extra metadata about a test run:
    • cliArgs - full CLI args that a test was run with
    • secrets - names of secrets passed to the test run
    • platformConfig - platform-specific configuration, e.g. CPU and memory config on Fargate/ECS