Load phases on Page performance widget

  • Add support for displaying INP web vital — available when using Artillery ^2.0.5
  • Improve web vital metric comparison between different URLs
  • Show load phases on Page performance charts

Load Test reports improvements

  • Move navigation to the right side of the page to match Overview page layout
  • Fix charts not aligning on top of the page when navigating to report
  • Charts now have the same width as the Load test Overview page

Charts improvements

  • Fix label overlapping columns on HTTP response distribution chart
  • Fix load phase labels clipping on chart edges
  • Improve Y Axis label formatting for all charts

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improve Dialogs and Modals design and add keyboard shortcut to close them
  • Improve settings navigation on small screens
  • Improve loading speed of the Load Test page
  • Improve code snippets formatting on test notes
  • Improve Load Tests Notes indication: much more visible and easier to spot what tests have notes
  • Fix “Add note” having a line-break on some screen sizes
  • Fix missing data labels on HTTP performance chart