Artillery CLI v2.0.12

Hassy VeldstraHassy Veldstra

AWS Lambda

Artillery can now use Lambda Container Images to run tests on AWS Lambda. Pass the --container flag to run-lambda command to use a container instead of a zip file. No further configuration is required.

This change brings two main benefits:

  1. Much faster startup times for tests
  2. Ability to use certain features that were previously only available in tests running on AWS Fargate:
    • Run test scripts that TypeScript hooks
    • Use third-party dependencies
    • Use the built-in publish-metrics plugin

Container-based Lambda functions will become the default option in a future release of Artillery.


  • Update Playwright to v1.44.0
  • Fix tests failing on Fargate with ENOSPC error with Playwright tracing enabled
  • Improve reliability of trace collection:
    • Reduce trace collection cooldown period to 1-5m
    • Increase the number of concurrent trace recordings to 3 up from 1
  • Track the number of collected/discarded recordings with browser.traces_collected and browser.traces_discarded metrics

CLI & Core

  • Make path to the config directory available to test scripts via the special $dirname variable - docs
  • The --scenario-name flag will now default to using an exact string match, and fall back to using a regex
  • Clarify the meaning of --tags flag
  • Remove an unnecessary dependency

Slack integration