Introducing our brand new changelog

new changelog

Welcome to our brand new changelog where we will keep you updated on new releases, features, fixes and improvements in our products.

Artillery Pro Dashboard

Searching & Filtering

You can now filter the list of load test results by multiple tags.

Dashboard tag filters in action

You can further refine a tag filter with test status. For example to show all test runs tagged with team:sre and service:checkout-service which did not complete successfully.

Chart navigation

You can now jump straight to a chart for a specific metric from the sidebar.

Chart navigation in action

Zooming and panning

We added support for zooming and panning to metric charts.

Chart zooming in action

Update notifications

When a new release of the dashboard is available, the app will show a notification in the top-right corner, along with a link to the changelog and upgrade instructions.

Notification tab in action

Kubernetes Support

We have released an early preview of the Artillery Operator for Kubernetes. The goal of the project is to make Kubernetes-specific workflows easier with Artillery. We’d love to hear your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

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