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About Us

At Artillery we are working hard to build better tools for running fast, reliable, and resilient production systems.

Our flagship product makes it easy to load test anything, at any scale. It's open-source and cloud-native (the first of its kind!) Thousands of engineers around the world use Artillery every day to help them ship systems that scale. See more on our GitHub at artilleryio/artillery.

We are a small remote-first team of builders with backgrounds in product design, SRE, and software engineering at companies like Pitch, Marley Spoon, Evervault, DAZN, and Conde Nast.

We are backed by Y Combinator, and an amazing group of current and former founders of infra & developer tooling companies.

About You

We are looking for kind, ambitious, pragmatic, optimistic, product-driven people who take their craft seriously and love building. You will have an outsized amount of impact and help define this company's culture.

Learn more in our hiring handbook

Perks & Benefits

Cash & stock options

Salary indexed at 70th percentile on London, UK regardless of where you live. Stock options component is above market, with standard 4 years vesting / 1 year cliff terms.

Time off

30 paid days off (local public holidays + extra vacation days)

Remote work budget

Top of the line Mac and a home-office budget (HD webcam, quality mic and headphones, standing desk, display mount, etc).

Education budge

Budget of $1,000/year for conferences, courses, and training.

Local benefits

Additional local benefits as required (e.g. healthcare in the US).

Food talk

We love our food. We don’t stop talking about our love of food.