Artillery CLI v2.0.0-38

New features & improvements


  • playwright: Update Playwright version to latest (1.39.0).
  • playwright: Add a convenience test.step() helper, allowing you to break your tests into steps that emit custom timing metrics - Docs.


  • New CLI flag --scenario-name, allowing you to specify which scenario to run by its name in the test script - Docs.
  • Expose mean as a metric.
  • Include scenario object in all engine hooks - you can now access this under context.scenario - Docs.


publish-metrics - OpenTelemetry

  • Traces for HTTP requests are now nested under individual scenarios.
  • Include all request metrics in traces: dns_lookup, tcp_handshake, tls_negotiation, request, first_byte, download.
  • Include VU errors in traces.

Artillery test trace in Honeycomb using Opentelemetry reporter


Artillery Dashboard

  • Ensure all Artillery console logs are sent correctly to Artillery Cloud.
  • Fix issue with phase information not being sent correctly.


  • socketio: Allow nested options (e.g. namespace) in emit without throwing validation error - Docs.
  • socketio: Allow emit action to be an array of strings - Docs.


  • fargate: Fix issue with --packages flag.
  • fargate: Include apdex plugin and playwright engine by default in image, preventing additional installation in workers.
  • Allow unnamed capture groups to be used in capture.
  • Display meaningful error when engine doesn’t match the engine provided in config.engine.


  • apdex - Allow frustrated, satisfied and tolerated metrics to be checked with ensure plugin.
  • apdex - Prevent plugin from crashing when using processor functions.
  • publish-metrics - Set headers as metadata for otel-grpc exporter in OpenTelemetry reporter - Docs.
  • publish-metrics - Create endpoint path correctly so it works with managed instances of Dynatrace.
  • publish-metrics: Fix OpenTelemetry reporter debug logging.