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Load test your apps with Artillery. Cloud-scale load testing from your own AWS account with zero DevOps work.

$ install -g artillery

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Artillery is different

Distributed load testing. Easy & free.

It's 2023. Our apps are global and distributed. Our load tests should be too. Artillery comes with distributed load testing built-in.

No DevOps required

Run distributed tests without managing any infrastructure. Artillery is serverless and runs tests on top of AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate.

Load test with Playwright

Launch thousands of headless browsers with Playwright code. Load testing dynamic web apps made easy.

Designed for continuous testing

Running load tests at scale should be cheap. With Artillery it is because you only pay AWS for what you use. Load test as often as needed, not a handful of times per quarter.

Your own AWS account

Artillery runs in your own AWS account and plugs into existing security & compliance mechanisms. Test public endpoints and internal services for full coverage.

Built for developer productivity

Go from zero to production-grade testing with 20+ integrations and plugins for monitoring, CI/CD, and best practices.

Integrations & Extensions

Artillery integrates with popular monitoring, observability and CI/CD systems

The Artillery Manifesto

It's time for a rethink.

Load testing as practiced today does not work.

As engineers, we want to build fast, reliable, and scalable systems that serve our users.

Traffic spikes, new code deployments, new features, and new dependencies can all cause production problems. Load testing is one of the most effective tools for keeping our apps fast and reliable. And yet, we often leave load testing until it's too late, and cross our fingers & hope for the best.

Why is that? The tools fail us. Clunky, antiquated, and hard to use. Open source tools that require managing non-trivial infrastructure to test at scale. Commercial tools that are so expensive you end up load testing once a quarter.

Companies like AWS, Netflix and Slack invest into internal load testing platforms to make load testing as easy as unit and integration testing. Most teams did not have access to such tools - until Artillery.

Artillery is a fresh take on load testing, informed by years of experience of production engineering and SRE. Modern load testing should be easy to get started with. It should be cloud-native and serverless, so that you can forget about infrastructure, and just run your load tests, at any scale. It should be designed for continuous testing, and integrate with your entire CI/CD and observability stack.

With Artillery we're building a world-class load testing platform for everybody. We want every developer team to be able to go from zero to production-scale testing, fast.

Load testing the way it should be in 2024.

— Team Artillery
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