The most advanced load-testing platform in the world

Artillery is cloud-native, open source, and integrates with your favorite monitoring and CI/CD stack. Load test anything, at any scale.

$ install -g artillery

355k downloads / month • 100 contributors • last updated Wed, 24 May 23

Industry leading engineering organizations are using Artillery


Will it scale? Find out with Artillery.

Load test → Optimize → Repeat. Prepare for peak traffic, reduce latency, and reduce the risk of outages.

Free & Open-source

Artillery CLI

Get started and run a test in minutes from your local machine. Then scale it out effortlessly. Free & open-source.

  • Check markCloud-scale & serverless — Artillery scales like no other. Run your tests from your own AWS account with no infra to set up or manage
  • Check markLoad test with Playwright— use Playwright to load test with real browsers
  • Check markTest any stack — test HTTP, WebSocket,, gRPC, Kafka, HLS, and more
  • Check markScenarios — write scenarios with multi-step interactions. Designed for testing transactional APIs and web apps
  • Check markExtensions & plugins — Use ready-made integrations or write custom logic in Node.js, using any of the thousands of useful npm modules
355k downloads / month • 100 contributors • last updated Wed, 24 May 23

A world of plugins & integrations

Artillery integrates with the software you know, love and rely on.

Why Artillery

Any stack

Any stack

Whether it's a RESTful HTTP API, a GraphQL endpoint, a gRPC microservice, or something else - Artillery can load test it.


Test with Playwright

Reuse existing Playwright code to run load tests with real browsers.



It's 2022. Distributed load testing should be easy. Artillery is distributed out-of-the-box. Run tests at millions of RPS, from multiple geographies.


Integrations & plugins

Artillery has 20+ integrations for metrics and observability systems, CICD, and more. It also has an API to write your own extensions.



Artillery is designed for cloud. There's no load testing infra to setup or manage. Run tests on top of AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate with ease.

Your own VPC

Your own VPC

Artillery runs in your own AWS account and plugs into existing security & compliance mechanisms. Test public endpoints and internal services for full coverage.

  • We use Artillery to run weekly load tests in production. This gives us the confidence to know our online publications can handle large spikes in traffic without incident or customer impact, as well as identifying any potential problems or bottlenecks ahead of time in a controlled manner. Artillery has been an invaluable tool for the SRE team as we continuously look to improve our platform's reliability and resiliency.
    by Clayton Howe, Lead SRE at