Group views

Group views make it much easier to scan through your Load Tests page, specially for users that run a high volume of tests. We have added grouping by date, test status, test name, and user.

In-progress test view improvements

We have improved loading states and help copy on Checks, Errors, and Load Summary widgets.

Loading screen improvements

Improve performance of loading screens and update its design.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improve Load Test page layout
  • Improve handling of Cancelled tests on the new Activity widget, now it correctly shows when a test was cancelled or finished early
  • Improve Load Test Reports page navigation
  • Better visual feedback when submitting notes and editing forms
  • Improve Logs toggle icon animation
  • Improve Page Performance table responsiveness
  • Show more helpful errors in the UI
  • Prevent “Filter by Status” from returning Cancelled tests when filtering by Failed
  • Fix user avatar aspect ratio on Metadata widget
  • Fix incorrect scroll position when navigating through charts in the Load Test Reports page
  • Fix number of virtual users not displaying correctly on Load Summary widget
  • Fix Notes’ text not wrapping correctly on Notes widget
  • Fix display properties flashing between default and user-set properties when changing pages
  • Fix error being displayed when session expires, now it redirects to the Login page instead
  • Fix button loading states incorrectly triggered when adding or editing notes
  • Fix Test Logs area expanding after user collapses it