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What's different about Artillery?

Designed for testing at scale

Distributed out of the box. Run production-scale multi-region load tests with zero infra to manage. Your own AWS account, no DevOps knowledge needed.

Test any stack

Test HTTP APIs, WebSocket and Socket.IO services, and complex web apps with real headless browsers (via Playwright).

Best practices baked in

Detailed performance metric reports, CI/CD integrations, monitoring & observability integrations - all out of the box.

Designed for continuous testing

All tests run from your own AWS account using AWS Lambda or AWS Fargate. You can't get more cost-efficient than that.

Get up and running with Artillery

Get started

Set up useful integrations & plugins

Set up Intellisense in VS Code or other IDE's

Set up checks with ensure and Apdex scoring

Scale out your load tests

Learn about best practices

Explore reference documentation

Learn about writing HTTP API tests or browser tests with Playwright

Learn more about built-in plugins

Learn about building custom extensions

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