slack - Connect Artillery to your Slack account

Artillery's Slack (opens in a new tab) integration enables getting real-time Artillery test run updates to a Slack channel of your choice.

Slack message format

The plugin sends a message to the configured Slack channel when the test completes. The message includes the following information:

  • Whether the test run was successful or failed (based on the exit code)
  • Test Duration
  • The link to the test run view in Artillery Cloud dashboard (if the test was recorded on Artillery Cloud)
  • VUs completed / created
  • Errors
  • ensure plugin checks if set


Configure the plugin

To enable the plugin, add it to the config section of a test script, and provide the webhookUrl (opens in a new tab) for the Slack channel you want to send messages to.

  target: ""
      webhookUrl: ""


To enable debug logging for the plugin, set the DEBUG environment variable to artillery-plugin-slack.

DEBUG=plugin:slack artillery run my-test.yml