Introducing Saved views

To make getting to the information you want faster, the dashboard supports Saved Views now. Any combination of tag filters, date filters, and test status filters can be named and saved as a view.

Creating a saved view

Team member and auth management

You can now manage current team members, and the GitHub allowlist that determines who may join your organization from the Settings area.

Live test updates

Overview pages are now live and can be used to follow the progress of an in-progress load test.

Denser and more scannable list view

We improved information density and scannability of the main load test list view. The default page size has also been increased from 10 to 50.

API key management

Create API keys to use with the Artillery CLI or to create custom integrations with Artillery Cloud.

Performance and reliability improvements

We spent a lot of time on refactoring and optimization. End result: a leaner, snappier and more responsive UI.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Show the name of current organization in the header
  • All execution platforms can send data to the dashboard now - local, AWS Lambda and AWS ECS/Fargate
  • Allow flash messages to stack
  • Improve responsiveness of side navigation on test reports
  • Add tooltips for tags in the main list view
  • Fix bug with the direction of the arrow on the user dropdown menu
  • Match loading skeletons with layout across the app
  • Make dialog entry/exit animations consistent
  • Fix dialogs not showing if page height was larger than viewport size
  • Fix bug when active tab inside load test view would not be highlighted correctly
  • Improve spacing, grid styling, and tooltip styling on all charts