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Artillery Cloud

Getting started with Artillery Cloud

Added inv2.0.0-31

Artillery Cloud is a hosted service that works alongside the Artillery CLI and lets you:

  • See and track load test runs in real-time
  • View & analyze performance metrics generated by load test runs (response times, errors, custom ensure checks, and custom metrics)
  • See a green/red overview of all load testing activity on your team
  • Create custom charts and dashboards to help make sense of application-specific metrics
  • Organize load test reports across projects and teams
  • Annotate and comment on individual test reports to include debugging information or results of performance investigations
  • Share tests with external stakeholders and other teams

How it works

All load tests still run completely within your own environment (i.e. locally, on AWS Lambda or on AWS Fargate in your own AWS account). The use of the cloud dashboard is opt-in per test run. The CLI will send test reports to the cloud dashboard only if the --record flag is used.

Get started

Create an Artillery Cloud account

Create an Artillery Cloud account by signing in with your GitHub account on (opens in a new tab)

Upgrade Artillery CLI to latest version

Artillery CLI v2.0.0 or later is required to use Artillery Cloud. We recommend always running the latest release of the Artillery CLI.

Upgrade with:

npm install -g artillery@latest

Create an API key

To enable the Artillery CLI to send data to Artillery Cloud you will need an API key.

Sign in to the dashboard, go to SettingsAPI Keys, and create a new API key.

Configure the CLI to send data to Artillery Cloud

The use of Artillery Cloud is opt-in. You have to tell the CLI when you want test results to be sent to the cloud dashboard.

To record a test run to the dashboard, use the --record and --key flags with the artillery run command. For example, if you're currently running load tests with:

artillery run my-service-test.yml

To enable cloud dashboard reporting, add --record and set the API key with --key:

artillery run my-service-test.yml --record --key 0x12345_my_api_key

The API key may also be set via the ARTILLERY_CLOUD_API_KEY environment variable. When that variable is set, the --key flag may be omitted.

Questions or feedback

If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch via