Improved Page performance visualizations

Page performance improvements

See how Core Web Vitals change under load

You can now see Core Web Vitals measurements for an entire test run, and understand how user experience is affected by high load.

Core Web Vitals under high load

Switch between p99, p95 and median

We have added the ability to switch between p99, p95 and median aggregations for visualizing Core Web Vitals metrics.

Other improvements

  • Improved layout and spacing for tooltips and charts
  • Improved handling of overlapping text.
  • Improved readability with tweaks to x axis labels and URL formatting
  • Improved toggle interactions and animations

New quickstart wizard

We have added a new quickstart wizard which lets you go from first sign-in to running a load test in 3 steps.

Artillery Cloud getting started wizard

Other fixes & improvements

  • Display the user who triggered a test in the metadata sidebar
  • Add option to display the user who triggered the test in the test list view
  • Fix issue where dialogs could close themselves accidentally
  • Fix incorrect default labels on some charts
  • Improve default error pages
  • Fix regression on response time widget displaying an unnecessary count metric