Ensure checks results at a glance

Artillery ensure checks Checks on dashboard

The main load test list now shows the results of ensure checks so that you can see at a glance which tests succeeded and which ones did not meet performance thresholds.

We recommend using ensure checks for all regular tests to help make sure that performance goals are met.

Simplified status filters

We have reduced the number of status filters down to just four: Succeeded, Failed, Cancelled, and In Progress. A test run that sets ensure checks is marked as Succeeded only if all checks are successful.

Filter by status

A fresh lick of paint

We have done a comprehensive overhaul across the whole interface of the application, updating component surfaces, font sizes, animations, and more, to make the UI feel more consistent, accessible, and easy on the eyes.

Settings management

Organization Details and System Theme

The Settings area has been updated to make navigation easier and now includes the ability to edit organization and personal details.

It’s now also possible to pick a “system theme” which makes our UI follow your operating system’s light/dark theme.

Fixes & improvements

  • Performance improvements: faster loading of individual load tests, and settings pages
  • Fix bug with searching by test run ID that would cause older test runs to be omitted
  • Make Settings navigation fully responsive on mobile
  • Add infinite scroll for the main load test list view