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· 7 min read
Hassy Veldstra

Say hello to open-source serverless highly-distributed load testing at scale.

Artillery serverless load testing in action

What we have here is a load test that starts at 25k requests per second and ramps up to >200k requests per second over about 3 minutes. That's not the interesting part though. What's more interesting than the raw numbers is that:

  • The test is highly distributed and scalable - we can scale out horizontally to 400k RPS, 1m RPS or more with little effort
  • It runs with Artillery so you have access to all of the powerful features of Artillery like scenarios with multiple steps and request chains, multiple protocols, plugins and extensions and so on
  • All of the metrics are aggregated automatically and in a statistically-sound way
  • It's running on AWS Lambda and is fully serverless and AWS-native. There is no infra to manage
  • Running this for 10 minutes costs about $4

Pretty neat, isn't it?

Oh and the best thing - it's completely open source, and built right into the Artillery CLI.

· 8 min read

GraphQL is everywhere

GraphQL is becoming one of the standards among the different types of APIs available, thanks to their flexibility in allowing consumers to choose the data they need. Artillery can help you regularly test your GraphQL APIs to detect and eliminate potential problems, as shown in the article Using Artillery to Load Test GraphQL APIs. However, as seen in the article's examples, GraphQL's flexibility also makes it easy to have a less-performant API.

· One min read
Hassy Veldstra

See Artillery Probe in action in the video below. This video walks through:

  • Sending HTTP requests
  • Checking request performance waterfalls
  • Pretty-printing and querying JSON responses
  • Sending POST requests with JSON payloads

To install Artillery Probe, grab the latest version of Artillery from npm with:

npm install -g artillery@latest

Happy testing! 🛰