Artillery CLI v2.0.6


  • Make expect from @playwright/test work natively with Typescript support - Documentation
  • Use target as Playwright’s baseURL by default, allowing test scripts to include only relative paths in page navigations (e.g. page.goto('/docs') ) - Documentation
  • Update Playwright version to 1.41.2 - Documentation

Artillery Cloud

  • Fix missing phase events in Artillery Cloud when running Fargate tests

CLI & Core

  • Improve Typescript support to work with more packages, by exposing config.bundling.external to set packages that can’t be bundled as external - Documentation
  • Make test run id available to test runs via {{ $testId }} in scenarios/config and vuContext.vars.$testId in custom code
  • Routine dependency updates

Publish Metrics

  • Automatically send all traces and metrics sent via the opentelemetry reporter with a test_id attribute, making it easier to search for all relevant data from a particular test run


  • Improve error message and handling for putting CloudWatch retention policy