Artillery Dashboard v0.10.0 is out

Artillery Dashboard v0.10.0

New Overview section

The new Overview section provides at-a-glance view of what happened during a load test, including:

  • Status of ensure checks.
  • A summary view of all errors raised during the test (if any), such as request timeouts, dropped TCP connections etc.
  • A summary view of HTTP codes, HTTP request rate, and response time distribution (min, max, p999, p99, and p95).

Load test overview


Capture the results of performance investigations and link to relevant external resources such as Datadog dashboards, Kibana logs, or JIRA tickets. With full Markdown support, and ability to post notes via the CLI.

Load test notes

Charting improvements

  • Color palette improvements to improve readability
  • Fixed an issue with displaying charts for tests that generate a lot of data, such as 8-12 hour long soak tests
  • Fixes to zooming and panning

Light mode

And finally, if dark mode isn’t your thing, the dashboard has a light mode now. Toggle it on via Profile -> Light Mode.