Improvements to notes and metadata display

Metadata and Notes improvements

We’ve reorganized the layout of individual test reports to make notes more prominent, improved readability of the metadata section, and created more room for useful visualizations in the main area.

Test view sidebar


Notes provide a way to annotate test runs with useful information such as links to external logs and dashboards, and for recording results of investigations into performance issues found by load tests.

We’ve now pulled them out from a separate view to make them more accessible.

Other fixes & improvements:

  • Remove shadow overlap on first note
  • Tweak microcopy to make actions clearer

Metadata display

  • Test timing information has been moved into the sidebar to give more space for data widgets in the main area
  • Make Metadata section collapsible
  • Improve spacing on list of CloudWatch Log Streams for Fargate tests
  • Move “Add note” to the top so notes are added right below it, better UX
  • Tweak styling of rendered Markdown for better readability
  • Improve handling on small screens
  • Improve alignment and padding of metadata items

Load test visualizations & insights

  • Fix issue that could cause all charts to rerender when not necessary and lead to charts jumping around
  • Improve responsiveness of Page Performance widget
  • Improve spacing on Error summary view
  • Add empty state to Counters summary
  • Test IDs can be copied by clicking them

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fix bug that could cause new tests to show up as “Untitled Test” for a short period of time
  • Fix bug that prevented deep links to charts from working
  • Error dialogs and error handling. Error responses in both the UI and API will now include unique error IDs that are tied to error logs
  • Fix bug that would cause some pages to show loading skeleton indefinitely for logged out users
  • Fix alignment of loading indicators on buttons across the app
  • Improve contrast for all popovers and dropdown menus across the app
  • Make styling of all external links consistent through the app
  • Remove banding on the gradient in the header