Artillery CLI v2.0.0-28 is out

Artillery CLI v2.0.0-28

We have released Artillery v2.0.0-28, which adds support for AWS CloudWatch, and features a number of performance and stability improvements.

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Breaking changes

  • AWS Lambda: the default IAM role and policy are now versioned. If you attached any custom permissions to the artilleryio-default-lambda-role role, you will need to re-attach it to the new artilleryio-default-lambda-role-20230116 role
  • CLI: The probe command has been removed from the CLI. The functionality has been moved to the new Skytrace CLI

New features

  • Add support for publishing test metrics to AWS CloudWatch
  • HTTP - compressed responses (e.g. gzip) will be decompressed by default now. (Set gzip: false to disable automatic decompression if required to improve performance.)
  • CLI - suggest closest match if a command name is mistyped

AWS Lambda

  • Print custom role ARN if provided
  • Add versioning to default Lambda role and policy created for running tests

Fixes & improvements

  • Fix arrival phases with arrivalRate and rampTo set to 0
  • Improve rampTo logic to result in more predictable and deterministic ramps
  • Fix issue with maxVusers setting that would lead to unexpected number of VUs to be generated
  • Fix wildcard message handling support in
  • Fix issue with setting some properties on the global artillery object

AWS Lambda

  • Improve test startup logic: workers will wait for each other to be ready before kicking off the test run
  • Fix some intermediate metrics not being flushed & reported
  • Fix handling of memory-size and security-group-ids options