Load test insights in Artillery Dashboard

We have released a big update to the Artillery Dashboard with a focus on improving the Overview section and our charting engine to let you understand load test results faster.

Load Test Overview

  • Show Peak RPS achieved during a load test run
  • Display errors (if any) at the top of the screen
  • New “Load Summary” chart to visualize request rate, response time, and VUs created across the test run

Combined load summary chart

  • Show a breakdown of HTTP codes by URL

HTTP response code breakdown by URL

  • New “Metric Explorer” widget to let you chart and compare any metric (including custom metrics) generated by the test run

Metric explorer

Fixes, Tweaks and Polish

  • Layout: tweaks to spacing across the board to increase information density and make more room for what matters. Improved layout of the main test list view and individual test views.
  • Charting: ability to combine multiple metrics on one chart
  • Charting: show combined tooltips for each point along the time axis
  • Fix for sidebar and main area overlapping at some screen sizes
  • Fix issue with flash messages disappearing from view
  • Improve tag list display in the main list view