New Activity widget

This update is focused on improving visibility of test phases for tests in progress.

New Activity widget

  • Improve current test phases visibility for tests in progress
  • Outline important test information in a easy to read widget

Improve Test Logs

  • Move Worker Logs next to Text log to improve logs discoverability
  • Improve Text log loading state by showing CLI loader
  • Add auto scroll to Text log
  • Improve readability and contrast on Text log widget
  • Update Text log to always show scrollbar if content is scrollable

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • Improve design of error screens
  • Group vusers metrics under one chart on Test Reports
  • Add tooltip to display properties button
  • Improve layout of Header and Load Test view on for screen sizes medium and smaller
  • Animate Metadata duration to match real-time data elsewhere
  • Fix Metadata duration showing 0 for tests in progress
  • Fix issue where Text log would show “N/A” on page load
  • Fix a bug with tags not showing for some organizations
  • Fix page zoom when adding notes to tests on mobile devices
  • Fix test list view alignment if user info is not available