Artillery CLI v2.0.13 & v2.0.14

Hassy VeldstraHassy Veldstra

AWS Lambda

Lambda Container Images

Artillery will now always use Lambda Container Images to run tests on AWS Lambda. The --container flag introduced in v2.0.12 is no longer required and will be removed in the next release. Creating Lambda functions from .zip archives is no longer supported.

All existing tests should continue running normally without needing any changes. If you run into any issues please open an issue.

This change brings improved startup times for tests running on AWS Lambda and brings AWS Lambda support to parity with AWS Fargate.


  • Increase startup timeout time for Lambdas running in a VPC
  • Exit with non-zero code if a Lambda worker fails
  • Fix issue that could lead tests to crash when triggered from a Windows machine
  • Expose current worker ID to Lambda workers as WORKED_ID environment variable


  • Accept 0 values for defaultNavigationTimeout and defaultTimeout settings
  • A warning will be printed if a Playwright testFunction cannot be found

Monitoring & observability (publish-metrics plugin)

  • Add url attribute to page spans when tracing is enabled for Playwright tests
  • Fix issue which could cause Core Web Vitals to not be set as span attributes
  • A test_id attribute is no longer set on all metrics. The built-in $testId variable may be used to set that attribute when needed
  • Request timing phases such as DNS lookups and SSL handshake timings are now recorded as attributes instead of spans for HTTP tests

Slack integration

Fix a number of issues that prevented the Slack plugin from working with tests running on AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda


  • Errors thrown by hook functions will now be tracked and reported