Artillery contains a telemetry feature that collects limited & anonymous usage information.

Users are notified running Artillery for the first time, and on Artillery's default help screen.


We use that information to help us understand how Artillery is used, to help us prioritize work on new features and bug fixes, and to help us improve Artillery's performance and stability.

Opting out

Set ARTILLERY_DISABLE_TELEMETRY environment variable to true.

What do you track?

We will only track usage details that help us make product decisions, specifically:

  • Artillery version
  • OS identifier: darwin, linux or windows
  • Whether Artillery is being run in CI or not
  • Command being used, e.g. run or help

(We will keep this list updated as new versions of Artillery are released.)

We do not collect personally-identifiable or sensitive information, such as: usernames, hostnames, file names, environment variables, or IP addresses or hostnames of systems being tested.

Where is telemetry information stored?

We use Posthog (opens in a new tab) to store and visualize telemetry data.

Posthog is an open source platform for product analytics. Learn more about Posthog on (opens in a new tab) or (opens in a new tab)

Inspect telemetry output

You can view all the information that is sent by Artillery’s telemetry by setting the environment variable ARTILLERY_TELEMETRY_DEBUG to true to print the telemetry data instead of sending it over.

Questions or suggestions?

Our users' privacy and trust is important to us. If you have any questions or comments about the telemetry feature, please get in touch via or Github Discussions (opens in a new tab).