Added inv2.0.0-32

The plugin supports sending metrics (opens in a new tab) and events (opens in a new tab) to Splunk Observability Cloud (opens in a new tab) via Ingest API.

By default, all Artillery metrics will be sent to Splunk. Each Artillery metric will create a custom Splunk metric, which will have an associated charge.

To send events set and configure event setting (see Configuration section below)

Configuration options

  • To send metrics and/or events to Splunk, set type to splunk.
  • Set accessToken to your organisation's INGEST access token (opens in a new tab)
  • realm -- use this to override the default Splunk endpoint which is set to the us0 realm. A realm is a self-contained deployment that hosts organizations. You can find your realm name on your profile page in the user interface.
  • prefix -- use a prefix for metric names created by Artillery; defaults to artillery.
  • dimensions -- a list of name:value strings to use as dimensions for all metrics sent during a test. Dimensions (opens in a new tab) are metadata sent in along with the metrics in the form of key-value pairs. They provide additional information about the metric, such as the name of the host that sent the metric. Check out the type of information (opens in a new tab) suitable for dimensions, and dimensions name requirements (opens in a new tab).
  • excluded -- A list of metric names which should not be sent to Splunk. Defaults to an empty list, i.e. all metrics are sent to Splunk.
  • includeOnly -- A list of specific metrics to send to Splunk. No other metrics will be sent. Defaults to an empty list, i.e. all metrics are sent to Splunk.
  • event -- set to send an event to Splunk when the test starts/finishes.
    • eventType -- event name. Can not contain any blank splaces(" "). Defaults to Artillery_io_Test.
    • send -- set to false to turn off the event. By default, if an event is configured, it will be sent. This option makes it possible to turn event creation on/off on the fly (e.g. via an environment variable)
    • dimensions -- a list of name:value strings to use as dimensions for events sent to Splunk. By default Artillery sends the target: <target set in the script config>, timestamp: <timestamp of start/end of test> and phase: 'Test-Started' / 'Test-Finished' dimensions. Any dimensions set in script will be sent in addition to the default ones.
    • properties -- a list of name:value strings to use as properties for events sent to Splunk. See the difference between dimensions and properties here (opens in a new tab)

For information on how to manage data ingested through the Splunk API consult Splunk docs (opens in a new tab).


      - type: splunk
        realm: eu0
        # SP_ACCESS_TOKEN is an environment variable containing the API key
        accessToken: '{{ $env.SP_ACCESS_TOKEN }}'
        prefix: 'artillery.publish_metrics_plugin.'
          - 'host:server_1'
          - 'host_id:'
          eventType: 'Artillery_load_test'
            - 'environment:production'
            - 'testId:myTest123'
            - 'use:QA'


Set DEBUG=plugin:publish-metrics:splunk when running your tests to print out helpful debugging messages when sending metrics to Splunk

DEBUG=plugin:publish-metrics:splunk artillery run my-script.yaml