quick - test a single HTTP endpoint

artillery quick [options] <target>

This command allows you to send some requests to a single endpoint, without writing a test script.

The quick command only works to test HTTP services. You cannot run quick tests for other services, such as Socket.IO or WebSockets.


--count, -cSpecify a fixed number of arrivals
--num, -nSpecify the number of GET requests each new arrival will send
--content-type, -tSet the Content-Type for the request (defaults to application/json)
--output, -oWrite a JSON report to a file
--insecure, -kAllow insecure TLS connections
--quiet, -qRun in "quiet" mode
--rate, -rSpecify the number of new arrivals per second v1 only


Run a quick test which generates 20 virtual users, each sending 100 GET requests to the specified target:

artillery quick \
    --count 20 \
    --num 100 \