Distributed load testing at scale with Artillery


Artillery comes with built-in support for distributed load testing (unlike many other load testing tools). Even better: it's cloud-native and serverless, which means there's zero infrastructure to set up or manage, and no DevOps knowledge required in order to run distributed high-scale load tests. Artillery runs from your team's own AWS account to make continuous load testing cost efficient, and to enable you to test internal services as easily as public ones.


  • Run on AWS Lambda or AWS Fargate - Artillery can use
    • We are planning to add support for Kubernetes, and for Google Cloud and Azure in the future.
  • Serverless - there is no infrastructure to set up or manage.
  • Automatic provisioning - Artillery creates and removes necessary AWS resources on the fly
  • Automatic bundling - Artillery bundles all dependencies needed to run a load test automatically (e.g. plugins and extensions, CSV data files, custom JS code and its dependencies and so on)
  • Metric aggregation - metrics are aggregated and merged from multiple load generator nodes automatically and in a statistically-sound way

Supported runtime platforms

Artillery can use AWS Lambda or AWS Fargate to scale out your load tests. Please refer to specific runtime platform guides for more information.