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Announcing YCombinator

Hassy VeldstraHassy Veldstra

We are delighted to announce that Artillery has been funded by YCombinator as part of the S21 batch.

Artillery + YCombinator

YCombinator have a long history of backing world-class companies such as Stripe, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Coinbase, and companies building developer tools specifically such as PagerDuty, Segment, Gitlab, Algolia, InfluxData, Armory, Heroku, and CoreOS. We’re fired up to be part of the YC family.

What does this mean for Artillery?

Our mission remains the same it’s been for over six years - help developers avoid outages & slowdowns, keep production fast & reliable, customers happy, and pagers silent. We are going to continue building the best solution for performance testing at scale, with help from our open source community, and our wonderful customers.

We have a big vision for what the future of performance testing should look like based on years of our own experience with DevOps and SRE, and hundreds of conversations with our users. Making that vision a reality will continue keeping us busy for a long time to come, and we’re thrilled to have YC help us on this journey.

Join us

If you’re passionate about SRE & DevOps, performance, open source and building tools for other developers you should consider joining us! Drop us a line on to say hi and learn more.

-- Team Artillery