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Solution Security


Security is of paramount importance to us. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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Product Security

Security of Artillery Pro when running in a customer's cloud environment is of utmost importance to us. Explicit design and architectural decisions have been taken to minimize risks and introduce no additional attack surface, such as:

  • No inbound connections from the outside are possible to any Artillery Pro components deployed in a customer's cloud environment
  • No changes to firewall, security group, or WAF configurations are required to deploy and use Artillery Pro
  • Artillery Pro is deployed with industry-standard mechanisms (e.g. AWS CloudFormation on AWS), with deployment mechanism and configuration being auditable
  • components running in a customer's cloud environment use IAM roles with access rules based on least privilege principles, and strictly scoped to only access the resources/sub-resources required for Artillery Pro's functionality

Data Security

Artillery Pro is a self-hosted on-premise product which means that by design employees or contractors have no access to the following (but not limited to) user data:

  • IP addresses or hostnames of systems being tested, whether internal or external
  • Geographical location of those systems
  • Any static or dynamic data used by the tests, such as usernames, API keys, passwords, names, etc
  • Test scripts and definitions themselves, including any YAML/JSON files and custom JS code
  • Any other test metadata and configuration
  • Any other personally identifiable information (PII)
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