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Friday, May 6, 2022

Artillery Probe 🛰 has taken flight

Artillery Probe 🛰 has taken flight

Artillery Probe

We have launched the first version of Artillery Probe, a smart and user-friendly HTTP client built into Artillery

Artillery Probe screenshot

  • Send HTTP requests from the command line
  • Send JSON, arbitrary request bodies, set custom headers, querystrings, forms, and more
  • See request performance waterfalls
  • Syntax highlighting for responses
  • Query JSON responses with JMESPath
  • Set expectations and checks on the command-line for quick acceptance testing and smoke testing

More details on our blog:

Artillery Probe is available in the most recent release of Artillery:

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npm install -g artillery@latest

Artillery CLI

  • Improve validation of test scripts
  • Add wait action to WebSocket scenarios
  • Fix an issue with aggregating summary metrics under certain conditions

Detailed changelog for the CLI is available on


Revamped statuses

  • Improve test status indicators
  • Fix issue with tooltip positioning on metric charts
  • Fix keyboard navigation in tag search dropdown

Website and Docs

  • Typography & readability improvements