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Friday, April 15, 2022

Docs, dashboard, CLI and more

Docs, dashboard, CLI and more


Searching Artillery docs

  • Documentation search is now available
  • A whole lot of polish to improve readability: layout, typography, colors, layout & spacing
  • Need to get to the docs quickly? Try


Polish & fixes:

  • Add horizontal scrolling to the main load test view when the number of column exceeds display size
  • Load test view: clicking on tag in the sidebar will filter for that tag
  • Order of charts in the sidebar matches that on the page
  • Fix Y-axis overflow in load test list view
  • Fix bug with allowing duplicate tag selection
  • Fix "Copy JSON" button on load test report view
  • Fix for an exception shown when some metrics from a test run are missing
  • Fix spacing between tags in load test view
  • Fix filter icon colors
  • Fix styling of "clear" button in tag filter component

Artillery CLI

  • Fixed issue with saving large test run results produced by long-running (8+ hours) load tests
  • Fixed issue with aggregating summary metrics at the end of a test run under certain conditions
  • Add --max-duration flag to run-test command to set a limit on running time of a test
  • Handle Fargate throttling when launching multiple large load tests in parallel

Artillery Operator

New kubectl plugin! Use `kubectl artillery scaffold' to scaffold tests for existing Kube services. Available from GitHub releases on