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· 8 min read

GraphQL is everywhere

GraphQL is becoming one of the standards among the different types of APIs available, thanks to their flexibility in allowing consumers to choose the data they need. Artillery can help you regularly test your GraphQL APIs to detect and eliminate potential problems, as shown in the article Using Artillery to Load Test GraphQL APIs. However, as seen in the article's examples, GraphQL's flexibility also makes it easy to have a less-performant API.

· 6 min read
Hassy Veldstra
Artillery Probe

Introducing Artillery Probe

Say hello to artillery probe, a Swiss army knife for testing HTTP. A smart and user-friendly HTTP client for the terminal which shows request performance waterfalls, and lets you set up expectations/checks on responses for quick-n-easy automated testing.

Think of it as curl with better UX for common use-cases, and a couple of extra powers.

· 11 min read

Load testing GraphQL

See end-to-end example with Apollo and Prisma - artillery-examples/graphql-api-server.

The popularity of GraphQL for building and querying APIs has been on the rise for years, with no sign of slowing down. Developers can now build robust and flexible APIs that give consumers more choices when accessing their data. This flexibility, in turn, can help with application performance compared to traditional RESTful APIs. Providing API consumers the flexibility to fetch the data they need avoids the overhead of processing unnecessary information.