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· One min read
Hassy Veldstra

See Artillery Probe in action in the video below. This video walks through:

  • Sending HTTP requests
  • Checking request performance waterfalls
  • Pretty-printing and querying JSON responses
  • Sending POST requests with JSON payloads

To install Artillery Probe, grab the latest version of Artillery from npm with:

npm install -g artillery@latest

Happy testing! 🛰

· 6 min read
Hassy Veldstra
Artillery Probe

Introducing Artillery Probe

Say hello to artillery probe, a Swiss army knife for testing HTTP. A smart and user-friendly HTTP client for the terminal which shows request performance waterfalls, and lets you set up expectations/checks on responses for quick-n-easy automated testing.

Think of it as curl with better UX for common use-cases, and a couple of extra powers.